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Living, Learning and Loving

It has now been about a month that I have been living in Buenos Aires! I have started classes, I have a job, and I’m starting to become quite familiar with the various neighborhoods in BA. Among the touristy attractions, I have visited the MALBA (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires), Barrio Chino, La Boca, Teatro Colón, Puerto Madero, el Hipódromo and many of the beautiful parks. And I have also had some fun visiting various restaurants such as NOLA, a cajun restaurant with awesome fried chicken and red beans and rice, as well as visit some cool bars and clubs such as a Hip Hop Club. 

Along the way I’ve been meeting lots of other study abroad students. My next mission is to make some local Argentine friends to hang out with who can show me some of the not so well known places of the beautiful Buenos Aires.

I am looking forward to the next coming month, September, not only because is it my birthday month, but the weather will also be changing. So far there have been many cloudy, rainy days, but next month spring begins! Im excited for all that the warm weather will bring.


As far as my interest in the lives of Blacks, especially Black women in Buenos Aires, I am doing an independent research study that will be focusing on the history of Blacks in Buenos Aires and the cultural impact they have left on the city. I am just beginning my research but have already received lots of support from friends and program staff who have been giving me articles, links and any info they have that may pertain to my interests. I am very excited to continue on this journey, not only for academic gain, but for personal gain; to explore and analyze how my being fits into a cultural narrative of black bodies in not only Buenos Aires, but Latin America as a whole.

Until next time. #AriInArgi


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