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All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

I begin this blog for the first time from my bedroom in Raleigh, North Carolina, surrounded by my packed bags and the bits and pieces of paperwork that will journey with me across the pond in just a few days.  On Monday, I will be hopping on a plane to London for a semester among people I don’t know, in a place I have never been.  In one sense I feel very normal, I am going to an English speaking country for one, and in another I have absolutely no expectations and am excited to see what new experiences and cultures impact me over the next three months.

This blog will chronicle my journey, and I hope you can enjoy the ride with me.  For those of you unsure of what that might mean, it means you will follow a southern born student, from a northern-eastern university, as they explore dance and history in the UK.  As a Dance and American Studies double major, my vision for this blog is to share with you both my experience studying at the Laban Conservatoire for Dance as well as the rich arts and history of the surrounding city.  As I venture out on the weekends and learn more about London, I will have new stories to share with you a few times each week.

Next time I write will be above the Atlantic, so until then, cheers and be adventurous!


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