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Week 9: Gold Coast and Back

If I could describe Melbourne weather in one word…bleak. Not to say that when the sun decides to grace us with its appearance it makes for a lovely day. Or fifteen minutes. The weather can go from cloudy with a chance of “I’m not going to enjoy this walk home” to sun-kissed and back again in mere minutes. There have been may days where I have left the house with the sun in the sky and a temperature in the 60s to come back drenched wanting a hot shower and a warm cup of hot chocolate to thaw my frozen hands. So when I got the chance to go to a place called “Gold Coast,” I was 100% down.

And Gold Coast, in the southern tip of Queensland, is where I (along with my roommate and other IFSA-Butler girls) have been for the past weekend. It looks as if St. Lauderdale or Miami was carved out of the ground and plopped in the middle of the California bay area. But, ya know, in Australia.

Gorgeous doesn’t even come close to describe the atmosphere. To be honest it looks like someone placed a giant green screen on the coast of Queensland. The sunshine and the cool breeze made for perfect tanning weather; and while someone as pale as I am will never be “golden” by any sense of the word, some color was achieved despite the SPF 50 sunblock. In between sunbathing and hot tubbing; we ate burritos, went to some of the local hot spots for drinks, and ate some pretty amazing burgers. It was a perfect break from the past two-ish weeks.

Speaking of the past two-ish weeks, I feel like I’ve been sucked into a time vortex and have come out the other side confused and looking down the barrel of two mid-semester exams. I was sick for about a week in early August, this missing the LGBTQ+ rally… something like that would happen to me… But the routine of getting up, getting coffee, and getting to class and lab have been like blinders. Now I’m a day away from September! What happened?!

Next week, a week from today actually, I will be sitting my first exam here. Test anxiety is already kicking in. It doesn’t help that these tests are worth a minimum of 20% of my grade. Back home there would be quizzes and projects to even out the weight of exams. Not here. So this weekend is going to be a quiet one. Or at least I’m going to try to make it one.

It’ll be a bit easier with footy over. It was a blast. I met so many wonderful girls that learned just as much about the sport as I did. We even made it to the semi finals of out intercollegiate tournament, even if we got muddied up in the process. This is a new record at University College too. Previous to this year the UC Girls Footy team hadn’t scored a single point and therefore finished last in every tournament. Go team!



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