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Free haircuts and Silent Disco

London is where everything happens. Different people have different ways of living it up here, some people spent their days in the oh so many museums London offers, some attend different musicals, others go to Soho and eat alfresco style on the street while people watching. It’s easy to have a good time in London, here I’d like to share two things that made me happy the most in London.


  1. Saving money on haircuts


I’m fussy about my hair. Since my hair is thick and pencil straight, I can’t get by with the messy look the way people with curly hair can. It needs to be trimmed every two weeks to look neat. In a place like London where everything involving service costs a ton, the cheapest one can get for a men’s haircut won’t be less than 15 pounds, that is if you are willing to risk wearing bad hair for a week. An average salon would cost around 40 pounds whereas upscale barber shops can charge up to 200 pounds. Let’s say I take the average salon, and I cut my hair about 2 times per month, that would be 80 pounds per month on haircut alone!


But I’d still like to eat, so what to do?


Head off to LSB!


The students of London School of Barbering offer free haircut for men in two locations in Central London. At first I was sceptical, considering how many times “senior stylists” messed up my hair, I was not about to take a chance with students. But my experience turned out to be amazing. The students are skilled and they pay great attention to detail, as they are being supervised and evaluated by their teachers. And did I mention it’s free? Reservations can be made on the school’s website.


  1. Silent disco at the Shard


This was one hilarious experience.


Many of you probably already know, silent disco parties are where everybody dances with headphones on. You enter a room with people dancing wildly but there’s no music – a fun experience from the start! There are several factors that make this a great experience:


– The view

The party I went to was held on the top floor and the rooftop. The Shard is the tallest building in Western Europe, so needless to say it has a great view of London.


– Option to choose from 3 stations

No different than being in a club but you get to choose your DJ!


– No more pierced eardrums

Want to talk to your friends and fellow partygoers? No need to shout to their ears – just take off the headphones and talk in normal voice!


– Hilarious singing

Even the best singers don’t sing as well with headphones blasting music. You are guaranteed to hear “got a long list Starbucks lovers” on at least three different keys (if they still play Tay-tay when you go there).


Entry fee is not cheap, about 40 pounds, but well worth it.


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