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This post is about Heather getting ready to leave for England

December 29th, 2010

Hey Readers! I have a week until I start my trek. I live in Washington, DC, so I’m taking a train up to Newark airport so I can catch the group flight to London. (I did the group flight because it was easy and also because I have a tendency to get myself inexplicably lost, so it was better to ask IFSA-Butler to pick me up from the airport. Good choice for me). Anyway I’ll spend a few days in London for IFSA-Butler orientation and then they’ll ship me out to Lancaster University.

So basically I vary between 3 different feelings, and I’m sure everyone here is the same way at some point.

  • 1) I can’t believe it. I just think that next semester I’ll be back in my same dorm room with my roommates and my same job that I’ve had for 2 1/2 years. It’s out of my realm of comprehension. Six months in England? I’ve never even traveled outside of the United States, though I have traveled all around inside it.
  • 2) I am stuck in a daydream. This usually happens when I watch movies like The Queen (with Helen Mirren) or BBC documentaries. Occasionally it happens when I just think about living somewhere with rain and green things- I live in the city right now, pretty close to the White House, and there’s not a lot of grass/shrubs/trees etc. It’s almost euphoric thinking about the change and just packing up and moving. When I came to college I picked up and moved 2000 miles away from home. It’s a thrill not knowing anyone, and just being whoever I want. Doing whatever I want. Meeting new people.
  • 3) I’m nervous beyond belief. Mostly this is when I’ve convinced myself that I’m going to forget everything, including my passport and my brain apparently. I had a big scare about my work visa this week (because they have to take your passport when you submit your visa application, and I was cutting it deadly close) but I got an email today that they processed it in pretty much record time and were sending it back tomorrow. That was the last thing that needed to fall into place for me to go, but I’m still scared I’m going to screw up somewhere.
  • My transition to going abroad from my home university has been pretty easy, because I didn’t go home for Christmas break. I just packed everything in my one suitcase and my backpack and I have cousins in the area who stored all of the rest of it. I still feel like I’ve over-packed, like I’m going to regret having such heavy stuff when I get to England, but I’ve whittled down my amount of stuff every time I’ve visited my cousins for the past three weekends and I’m sure I’m just overreacting.

    So anyway- good luck to my fellow IFSA-Butler bloggers! I see Colleen’s already posted for the new semester, and there’s a few more posts pending, so I’ll be looking forward to reading everyone’s adventures.

    If you, Reader, have any questions at all (about applying, about choosing schools or countries, about traveling abroad), please ask! I wish I had asked more questions, because there is a lot of information out there but it gets overwhelming and people are totally willing to help out.

    DFTBA! [That’s an initialism for Don’t Forget to Be Awesome. It’s a Nerdfighter thing; if you don’t know what that is, you should look it up. If you do know what it is, you should post a comment :D] Byeeeee!


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