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life back in the states

I have been back in the United States for a week now, and time is absolutely flying. I would love to say that I have had no issues readjusting to life back here, but that would be a lie. My IFSA-Bulter coordinator had wardned us about “reverse culture shock” which is basically having culture shock while readjusting to your former life. I didn’t really believe her that it was that bad, or that it would happen to me, but I was wrong.

I guess the main issue I have had since being back is that people have had so many experiences while I was in Peru for five months, and I missed all of them. Also, I am finding out that I really don’t know how to describe my experiences to anyone else… and most people don’t really care either. Some of my friends have seemed distant from me, and that has been one of the hardest parts.

I know that I have changed a ton, and in my opinion I have changed for the better. I am hoping that it will just take time for me to adjust to the business of my life in the United States, and that after catching up with all of my friends everything will go back to “normal,” although I am not quite sure what normal is anymore.

It has been great to be home with my family and friends for the Christmas season. I have been traveling non-stop since I got home, from my parents house to my university, and then to my fianceĀ“s house. We will be traveling back up to my parents house tomorrow, which I am hoping will be the last trip for at least a little while… new years. I feel like I have been constantly living out of my suitcase, and I guess in a way I basically have been living out of a suitcase for the past three months at least. I went on so many trips my last two months in Peru that I would come home, do laundry, and then pack again for the next trip.

I wouldn’t change my experience in Peru for anything. I am so glad that I decided to study abroad, and I know that it has made me a much stronger and a much better person. Coming home has been much harder than going to Peru was, but I know in the end everything is going to work out just great.

Well, this is going to be my last post here for IFSA-Butler. If you are considering studying abroad, do it. Take every opportunity you have to travel and get to know the world before your life passes you by. You’ll never know what you’ll learn and how much you will grow.

Thanks, and happy traveling!



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