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I can’t believe how quickly my time here has been passing. It feels like I’ve only been here for a month, but I’ve already returned from mid-semester break.

I went to Fiji with some friends for break, which still doesn’t seem to me like it really happened. It’s like it was just an incredibly beautiful week-long dream. It was not easy to make this trip happen, because paying for a week in Fiji meant taking out an extra loan and missing out on some things I would’ve liked to do also. The hardest part about studying in New Zealand is that there are so many incredible things to do, but if you’re on a budget you have to pick and choose. It can get frustrating at times because it feels like others just have unlimited resources to go off and do whatever they want whenever they want. I’ve just been reminding myself that I’m already in New Zealand, and I need to stop comparing my experiences to other people’s. This is something I’ve struggled with all throughout college. I worry that I’m not experiencing enough, as if I have some finite amount of time or opportunities to experience fun things. I’m getting better at it though.


This weekend we’re going to Doubtful Sound with IFSA, and I could not be more excited. It’s going to be so beautiful, and it’s definitely not something I would have planned on my own. I’m also planning a road trip with some friends from the down here in Dunedin all the way up to the top of the north island after finals. We’re going to stay in Rotorua and hopefully go to Hobbiton. I also really want to ski before the season is over. There are just so many incredible things to do, and my time here is too short.

I’ll check back in soon!



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