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Adjusting to Home

Well, I’ve been back in Seattle for about two months. My summer was crazy busy, and now I’m back at Saint Martin’s. Being home and adjusting back to home has been weird, and at times it’s been uncomfortable.

The hardest part of adjusting back into my group of friends and my family was that, at times, it felt like everything had changed without me there. Other times, though, it felt like I had grown and changed SO MUCH and everyone else had stayed exactly the same. Also, no one really wanted to hear about my whole five months in Argentina, which was hard because I wanted to tell everyone about every little thing that had happened.

Over the summer, I stayed really busy. I spent a couple weeks with my friends, went to a family reunion, performed in a musical, and then spent time with family from out of town. Now, I’m back in school, and it’s different. My classes are more difficult, although it’s kind of weird to have all of my classes be in English, and I feel like I have less time to get out and explore my surroundings. I guess I don’t need to, but it’s weird how I feel like I know Recoleta and Palermo better than I do the town I’ve lived in for the majority of four years.

The other hard part is remembering that a semester passed here without me; the memories of SMU that seem so recent to me are almost a year old. Especially odd are the “recent” memories I have with one of my best friends – he studied abroad the semester before I did, so we barely saw each other for the entirety of the last school year. It kind of feels like I existed for five months in an alternate universe.

I think maybe this post makes it sound like I hate being home or like adjusting back to the US was the hardest thing I’ve ever done – I dont, and it’s not. Some days are harder than others, and you keep the experiences you’ve had close to your heart, and falling back into step with your friends does have it’s tough moments. However, getting to cuddle up with my dog pretty much makes every hard moment worth it. I loved my time in BA, I wouldn’t trade it for the world, and I think I’d like to go back there someday, but at least until I graduate, I’ll be staying in Seattle.


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