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Now That’s Commitment

Howdy Folks,


As mentioned in my last post, my mid semester assignments were quickly approaching. The tsunami of work finally came crashing down this past week when I had a report, presentation and an exam due. Each one was worth a significant chunk of the courses’ grade so the majority of my days were spent on the 8th floor of the library (which has quite the few by the way). Luckily, I was prepared for all of them and felt there was nothing more I could do. The report and presentation went well, but the exam was no walk in the park. Some of the older Australian students told me that every abroad student here has a mid semester crisis when their exams begin to pop up. Professors expect students to know different information on exams that a typical American instructor would. It is just part of the acclimation to a university in a different culture. So all of these factors helped me avoid stressing over the painful exam experience and luckily once I finish an econ homework assignment, 7 of my friends and I leave for Byron Bay for the weekend.

Although the Byron Bay trip is going to be indescribable, my mates and I have had plenty of adventures so far. The bond that we all have formed is evident through what occurred at 3 am on Monday morning. One of the shared passions between all 8 of us is our love for sports. We play football in our courtyard almost every day and go to open gym to play basketball on the weekends. So when the NFL schedule was released and we discovered that the season begins at 3 o’clock in the morning, we promptly set our alarms. To help the cause, at 7 pm Sunday night I turned off the lights and shut my eyes to prepare for a minor hibernation before our early wake up. So after a solid eight hours of sleep, my alarm buzzed and I hopped out of bed like a kid on Christmas morning. It was finally football season! We all gathered in a common room and quietly cheered on our teams. We watched from 3am until 1 pm in the afternoon. It was pretty crazy seeing the sunrise, and the day was a marathon, but it could not have ended any better than when my Cowboys came back and beat the Giants. All eight of us look to make this a tradition for remaining months we have here.


Until next time,

Patrick Deniger


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