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On the Night of Arrival

So I’ve made it to the UK without any problems. I apparently shouldn’t have been so worried about customs, as they only really cared about meat and dairy, along with the usual duty frees, rather than about the candies and gifts I had brought with me.


My first reflection on traveling is that I should have brought a large converter with me. Back home, it was suggested that I get the plug converters for my products (apple computer & iPhone, and a second computer) I couldn’t find the apple parts at the store I went to, so I ended up having to buy a single plug converter in London. As such, instead of having three working wires, I have one working converter. I may have to buy a second in Wales, seeing as I tend to need to charge my phone and computer at the same time (though I could get creative and simply keep my phone charged by syncing it every day.)


I forgot a couple things while packing, but none of them were too important, and hopefully can be replaced once I get to Cardiff. I’m already looking forward to shopping for a sturdy second-hand jacket or coat, as the wind seems to be able to get through my thin jacket too easily.


It’s two days till I arrive at Cardiff, so there’s not too much to say yet, as such, I’ll go and introduce myself with the page space I’ve got left:


I’m Travis Nishii, fifth generation Japanese-American, gay, and an English major (creative writing).

These are probably the “big” things, though I feel like my choices of music and books in my first post are much more accurate in describing me.

I’m interested in languages, and as such, I’m planning to be in Welsh 1, and I’m hoping to take advantage of Cardiff’s Languages for All program to learn

German (I was hoping to take Arabic but that won’t be until second semester.)


I still don’t know how course application works, so here’s hoping everything will be cleared up on Thursday, as I only have till Sunday to sign up.


I guess I’ll end here today, and then write an extra post on my experiences signing up for courses, once Thursday/Friday comes round.


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