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Sorry September: Week 13 Part 1

Why is the second full month of classes so….heavy? We talk about heavier topics, receive heavier assignments, not to mention the crushing weight of mid sems (mid-semester tests). So I want to formally apologize to the month of September. I meant to blog so much earlier. I neglected you, and you deserve so much more.

But anyway, in between exams and papers and lab work, I did get up to some pretty fun stuff. I,along with my IFSA-Butler group, went to Phillip Island. Beautiful doesn’t begin to cover it. Everything was so saturated. The grass was the greenest I have ever seen – and the sky was so vibrantly blue during the day and the stars were killer at night. We got to do amazing things!

We went to a cider tasting which ruined me for the cheap stuff I had in my room. When we arrived at what could only be described as the cutest country orchard in all of Australia, they brought us into this wood paneled room that smelled like apple pie and cinnamon with a hint of lemon from the lemon trees growing right outside the window. We were given three ciders and two juices to try and all of them were incredible.

This was after a day on Arthur’s Seat, a mini mountain – bigger than a hill but definitely not Everest – where we took in the beautiful weather and breathtaking scenery. There we also went to the Enchanted Maze Forest. The EMF for short. The EMF was this charming play park with hedge mazes, zip lines, ropes courses, and inner tube slides. What they didn’t tell us before we got there was that is was designed for, well, children. So we embraced it and became the biggest bunch of kids out there.

We also were witness to the Penguin Parade. For those of you who don’t know, in Australia (specifically Phillip Island) there are these tiny blue penguins appropriately named Little Penguins. And every day they come to shore after weeks of gorging themselves on tiny fish. Their return to dry land to digest and enter food comas is what is known as the Penguin Parade, because group after group came ashore, fought their way through the territorial seagulls and made it back to their homes. It was a great way to end the night, well sort of end it. We got pizza after and that was pretty great too.

Another exciting trip that is coming up is……NEW ZEALAND! I will be spending my spring break in New Zealand with a couple of friends. We are going to see Kiwi Birds, visit Hobbiton ( where they shot some of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies), and …oh yeah… bungee jumping! More to come on my next post.

Also in my next post, Sorry September Part 2, I want to talk about a little show called “The L Word.” It centers around a tight-nit group of lesbians (and a couple bisexuals) and their friends. This was recommended to me by a friend here and I think it deserves discussion based on it’s LGBTQ+ themes and how accurately, or not so accurately, it has reflected my experience here.


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