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Virginia Water

As one of the Welcome Week events, the school had a free bus trip to Virginia Water, a nearby lake. I and about 10 other students went and had a really lovely time just walking around and looking at the beautiful area. And it was a perfect day to take lots of pictures!

Right away, we came upon these swans with a beautiful view.


One of the girls in our group tried to pet the swans, but they started hissing at us, so we left them in peace.

We kept going around the lake, and eventually we came to a foresty area. And we found this.


The waterfall prevented us from continuing around the lake, so instead, we went further into the woods. We found some nice little trails, some big rocks, a little meadow, and some more great views of the waterfall (which was actually quite big).

We kept going, and then… lo and behold… we found some sort of ruined castle thing!


I’m actually still not sure what it was. Let me google it for you.

Ah ok, Google says these are the ruins of Leptis Magna, a Roman city that was on the shore of the Mediterranean near Tripoli (present day Libya). They used to be in the British Museum and then were transported near Virginia Water on gun carriages in 1826. Cool!

Of course we took lots of pictures.


And who doesn’t love a good ruined castle thing?


It started raining when we were making our way back around to the bus, but it was all ok, because the Japanese students were armed with cute umbrellas.


And you know that it’s not a real Christina post unless I manage to find a cute animal. Well, there were a lot of cute dogs running around the park. This little dude¬†was especially photogenic.

doglady dogwater

There was a cute black dog too, but he ran too fast and made himself all blurry. So I’ll just end with this picture. He’s waiting for trench coat lady to throw the ball in the water so he can go swimming again. Cutie.


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  1. Ellen Says:

    LOVE your posts! I will eagerly follow your adventures. Loved Virginia Water, I’m going to look it up andead more. You’re right, the cat is beautiful and the goose was very fun. When I see that type of goose, I expect them to be able to talk!

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