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I am down to the three week left marker! Myself and many other of the students on our program are really starting to reach a point of mixed emotions. As much as we absolutely love it here in CR, we are really starting to miss home and our families- and the US munchies we are used too, of course.

Last week we had our final IFSA gira which was all about us. It was a beautiful biological reserve with nice showers, private bathrooms, drinkable water, and AIR CONDITIONING- by far one of the nicest places we have stayed, mostly because we weren’t sleeping in bug spray and AC!! We got to explore a little and learn about chocolate and bats (I even got to touch one, and it was a little weird) and we went rafting, which is one of my favorite activities! It was super nice just to have a weekend away in a calm environment. We had a break from the stressful period that school is at and it really reminded me of why CR is such an amazing country and that I am really going to miss it!!

I am taking another break this weekend since I have been away for the past three weekends traveling. Tomorrow I am doing a day trip to Volcan Poas to cross ‘explore a volcano’ off my CR study abroad bucket list. This morning I also dipped my toes into the culture here a little more and went to the weekly farmer’s market here, which is the largest in Heredia. Even though it was tough waking up at 6am on the Saturday, it is much better than waking up a 4am on Friday’s to catch a 6am bus, and it was totally worth it!! I highly recommend going! It was something totally new full of colors and smells and a million fruits and vegetables- a bunch of which I have tried but never would have known.

I am really excited for what the next three weeks have in store for me- visiting some more turtles in Ostional, maybe one last trip somewhere, and then having another tourist weekend when my sister visits. Only two more papers and two finals to get through; wish me luck!


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