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A note to future IFSA butler we Havana students-

What you should know-

Sometimes your laptop won’t connect to the Internet, it simply won’t. And your phone will log you out and your spotify won’t connect and then will suspend your offline playlists and you will feel exactly like the woman in the center on your ETECSA wifi card, the most peaceful when not connected at all. Because soon it’s easier to not connect at all then to develop the patience and maturity required to ration your internet in a rational and sustainable way without wanting to pull your hair out.

But you will draft emails offline in your downtime and will journal and think about writing letters but remember that they won’t arrive to the U.S. Even if you did find the stamps and try to send them, and you will learn to have downtime! Without the Internet and tumblr and endless scrolling! Because that’s what it is really, downtime, not free time, you’ll have homework you could be doing, dense reading you should be chipping around the edges of, but it’s not enough time to do too much of anything either! Just a rest for a moment before the next thing and you’re off!




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