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Suggestions and Observations 2

Use the school’s library. Most of the others in my classes have been buying the books, so the library’s copies have been available for use.


Printing is NOT free. Make sure that what you print is absolutely necessary, or else be prepared to factor in a sizable printing budget. Typically just showing a receipt on your phone is enough though.


Getting into London takes a while (see previous post on bus/coaches). Taking the train is faster and probably less time consuming, but also a bit more expensive; I would recommend it if you get the student traveler’s card, since the discount and time can make up for the cost.

London is especially troublesome traffic wise. I went with the school’s Anime Society (clubs are for sports in the UK.) to MCM London, and it took us an extra hour, just to leave the city in the evening. We left London at 6pm, and got back to Cardiff near 11. We also had to leave Cardiff at 5:30am. London IS close enough for a day trip, but it’s not fun.


Laundry is not inside the flat in Talybont; it is consolidated in a building. Trash disposal is also consolidated. Be prepared for walking in the rain. A large and sturdy umbrella is required.

It hasn’t been too rainy in Cardiff… but everyone tells me there’s a big YET that must be attached to that statement. I will describe it when I see it.


The Cardiff Student Union runs a lot of events; some of the longer trips will make you miss classes. Make sure your lecturers are OK with that first.

On that note, there are three main forms of address for “professors” in the UK, Professor is a special mark like tenure, and is probably even harder to get, it is even harder to get than Dr. the second tier of address, the third group are just lecturers, and I haven’t quite figured out how e-mails to them etc. should be addressed. Good Luck.


Time has been going crazy fast for me; this is a first for a school year. Probably because I feel like I’m not doing as much as I should be exploring. I’m halfway between wanting to be a tourist, and focus on going places, and wanting to be a good student, and not do things to get work done. I have not yet found my balance. Expect to feel like you’re not able to do as much as you hopped, even if you have scouted out some points of interest like I did beforehand. I’d recommend staying till January if you’re only a semester student, as then you have the winter to properly explore.


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