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Other Students Studying Abroad

There is such variety in the people who study abroad. You have students who are abroad for an entire program/degree, for a year, for a term, or for a few weeks. I’ve met people here of all but the last. And, just like at home, there are a wide variety of incomes included as well. Almost all of my housemates are, like me, on a rather tight budget. It’s like any other university back home, most of us are accustomed to living on the rather tight budget of a student, with a few thrown in who don’t really have to worry about that.

But, despite budgets, everyone finds room to fund going out. Below is a picture of my housemates, a couple friends, and myself before we went out for a Caving Society (club) social, which was essentially a roving party through town. A lot of the societies (clubs) throw themed socials where everyone in the society and their friends can get together and just hang out and have fun. Most of the pubs have a really causal atmosphere and reasonably priced food and drinks, perfect for students.

And we made most of the costumes from over sized t-shirts, towels, sheets, and finger paint – classic budget costumes and lots of fun to make together.


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