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Aventuras en el Tigre


Hola from Tigre! Only an hour or so from the city of Buenos Aires by the Mitre train, Tigre is a beautiful town. I was able to travel here for a day trip with a few friends. It is a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of the city; quiet, small and with a beautiful river in the middle. My friends and I were able to take a boat tour down the river. The river is lined with quaint, brightly colored  houses. My friends and I imagined if we were to live in one of these houses, or spend a summer here, how relaxing it would be, calm and cool, not too much going on, perfect place to have a vacation.

Next, we walked through the various ferias scattered throughout the town. The ferias, which appear in various neighborhoods in Buenos Aires every Sunday, sale a multitude of gifts, trinkets, clothing, purses, and more. On our way traveling through the vendors we passed by an amusement park, close to that of a small Six Flags, and stands selling popcorn, cotton candy, the infamous candied peanuts, and beverages. It was a fun filled day!

Hopefully before our time here ends we will be able to return to check out the amazing amusement park and other parts of the town. Its so close, its a perfect day get away when there isn’t time (or money) to travel outside of Buenos Aires.


Until Next Time: Ari in Argi


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