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Ballenas y Pinguinos!!


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Last week I was able to make it to Patagonia in Puerto Madryn!!! It was an amazing experience. My first trip outside of la provincia de Buenos Aires was to go to Iguazu in Missiones, which is north, bordering Brasil and Uruguay. It temperature was extremely hot and I was in the rain forest. However, Puerto Madryn is in the South. It was quite cold and very windy. The landscape was very flat, nothing but flat dry land for miles and miles out. The town is sparsely populated, and on the Península Valdés, there are more penguins than people.

Here I was able to see the ocean, whales (ballenas), sea lions (lobo marinos), penguins (pinguinos), armadillos (peludos), these lama animals (guanacos), vultures and maras (bunny type animals). While on the whale watch, a mother and baby whale came right up close to the boat and the baby popped out of the water right near the boat to say hello. I was so happy that I was able to see these whales. Before coming to Argentina I had heard that the whales here came very close to the coast and were very friendly, I even watched a documentary about whales on animal planet; thus I was very anxious to see if I would actually be able to even see a whale.

I was also able to see a bunch of penguins, almost like a village of them. I was surprised to learn that they lived in this dry semi-desert like landscape. Also, they lived inside of holes in the ground that they made. During the time that I was there, October, is the month were the females have their eggs, in January the eggs hatch, and when the baby penguins are big enough millions of penguins can be seen waddling around. Along with the penguins were hawks, vultures, the llamas, rabbits and other small rodents.

In the town, there was not much to do. It is a quiet, small town with not much of a night life as in Buenos Aires. But most of the houses are close to the beach, if not right in front then within walking distance. And at some points, whales can be seen from the shore and a distance. At sunset the view is spectacular. Such beauty that nature has to offer. I loved being able to see the different landscapes of nature. From the hot, rainforest in Iguazu with waterfalls, to the south, cold, dry, flat landscapes of Patagonia. It is breath taking.


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