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Finals and Road Trips

It’s week three of our month-long finals stint. It just so happens that three of my finals are all next week. Having a month for finals is an odd experience (surely the administration has to know we don’t really need a full month for four tests), but it’s so nice to have this time to do some traveling. I just case back from a trip around the southern end of the South Island, and I had a great time. Now I have finals all next week, another week-long trip after that, then my last week in NZ before I head back home.


My family is really ready for me to come home, and I’m really ready to see them. My family dynamic seems to be pretty different from others’ in terms of spending so much time away from home. This is the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing my family, and it’s taking a toll on everyone. I’m so excited to see them all again. Not to say that other kids studying at Otago don’t miss their families. But most everyone else’s family was able to visit them while they were here, and they’re all traveling a little more before they go home. I’m making a bee-line for Oklahoma.


Although I’m ready to be home, the time between semesters needs to be when I decide what I’m doing after I graduate in May. I have a pretty good idea of my plans, but I won’t be able to solidify anything until I’m in the US again. It’s been nice to have this time abroad to really reflect on what it is I want to be doing professionally. I started to apply for a bunch of jobs, but I think I’m going to go straight to grad school. It’s crazy to think that I could be well into a graduate program just one short year after studying in New Zealand. Life is good.


I haven’t really started to prepare to return home yet, even though I’m leaving in three short weeks. I figure I have the whole last week here for that, and that’s about as far in advance as I ever plan for a move (I’ve moved a lot in my 21 years). I’ll talk more about that in my next blog, as well outline some advice for other first gen students planning to study abroad.


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