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Random Pictures

Uh, usually I make a folder on my computer of all the pictures I want to use in each post because I sort of categorize them, but there were still some pictures left in the folder after the last post. So I’ll just kind of unceremoniously dump them here now. You’re welcome!

This is outside the window of my room.


This next one is Misa. Misa is from Japan. We met each other sharing sheet music at the taster (“trial”) session for Absolute Harmony, the acapella group here. Misa is really fun and great. We went shopping together one day and then got lazy walking back to our dorms (it’s like a 25 minute walk). So we just sat down and started eating our groceries like the classy people we are.


This is me. I bought a possibly slightly excessive number of Digestive biscuits.


There’s a store near my home in St. Louis that sells international food and has Digestive biscuits, so I’ve actually had them before.

And wait. You need to get ready for the next picture. Prepare yourself for something amazing. Something truly mind-blowing. If I could bring one thing home from the British way of life, it might well be the thing in this picture.


It’s GROCERY DELIVERY. Yes, the grocery stores will deliver all of your groceries. FOR ONLY ONE POUND EXTRA.

That is one of the friendly neighborhood Tesco delivery drivers with his friendly neighborhood truck (he graciously agreed to let the weird, over-excited American take a picture). I get SO excited whenever my groceries are coming. It’s like getting mail except it’s food! The drivers are always really nice, and they will bring the groceries right into your kitchen – even though mine is on the fourth floor and down the hall of our flat! The truck has three doors, as you can see: one for cabinet, one for fridge, and one for freezer.

Besides just being cool, this is so great because it saves about an hour of walking (Tesco is where Misa and I went above). Plus I’m really slow or blind or illogical or SOMETHING because I take absolutely forever in there and use about 10 minutes finding each thing. Each item starts with me circling the entire store and ends with me following some poor employee. Rinse and repeat.


That’s rhetorical because I already know. Yes. Yes it is.


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