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Its ‘Autumn’- not ‘Fall’

November. Day 3 of the 11th month, less than 2 months left in this ‘Dear Green Place’, and 1 month to go until exams. What?! How?! When?! Questions I cannot seem to answer as I’m losing my time to the change in seasons and as the worn leaves mold to the sidewalk, so forms the realization that I will soon be going back to where I came from.

I spent Halloween weekend in Ireland- my first weekend outside of Scotland since I arrived, and as I was returning on Sunday night I sensed that I was going home. The little dorm room on Winton Drive, the University I dedicate my days to, and the streets I wander at night have become just as much my own as my college town in Oregon and the town I spent the first 18 years of my life in. And just as I have gotten settled, I have to get right back up again. The Autumn weather- soon to be Winter- sets me into hibernation mode rather than migration mode.

Yes, it is finally (finally, finally) November. Halloween, a holiday of which I am not a fan of is over! I wanted to get out of town for the weekend just to get away from this holiday, which seems to be impossible as I realized I should have gone to France where they don’t celebrate it. I spent two nights in Dublin, which is kind of a rough city and I wasn’t all that impressed with it. But I must say that the spirit of the gays is alive in Ireland! They are still buzzing from their recent May referendum, allowing same-sex couples to wed across the country! Street art advocating for it is everywhere, there is no subtly in the flying of rainbow flags, and coffee shop posters are still promoting. It definitely made up for the lack of personality in the city. So if you want more personality, a place with a bit more character is Galway- just on the other side of the island. It’s a college town, so it’s younger, but the place has amazing vibes- probably because it’s right on the water. I have a thing for towns on the coast and will always, always romanticize them. When in Ireland- go to Galway.

But back to the reality of school, and with one month until exams, the essays are upon us and I am buried in books to read and research to do. The fog and the rain make it easier to stay inside, which means hot tea and hot coffee, something Glasgow does extremely well. I’m sitting inside Artisan Roast as I write this- a place I definitely recommend. It’s right off of campus on Gibson Street and they make a mean double shot flat white. I even came across a feminist movie mag, called Little White Lies that was perfect for the procrastination I had set out to do.

Also good Glaswegian procrastination content: Lip Service. I had no idea this even existed, but it has been the highlight of my week and I cannot stop laughing at it. Lip Service is the UK version of America’s lesbian TV show, The L Word- if you haven’t seen it go watch it now! And all of it is set right here in Glasgow. Though it only ran for two seasons (it ended in 2013), it’s worth watching at least a couple of episodes. I’ve only watched two episodes, and it’s got just as much graphic content as The L Word, with three times the amount of cheese, and light Scottish lingo in the Glaswegian accent. But it has some great panoramas of Glasgow and it’s exciting to watch scenes about lesbians and think, ‘I’ve been there!’ Definitely check it out if you’re looking for some Scottish LGBTQ+ entertainment as it would be highly useful for your pro’s and con’s list about which city to study abroad in (it’s a pro, in case you were wondering).





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