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Final Adventure in CR

I was lucky enough to spend my last weekend in Costa Rica with my sister! We went back to what I think are the prettiest beaches in the country (that I’ve seen at least) in Manuel Antonio. And we went to La Fortuna/Arenal which ended up being my favorite city in the country!

I highly recommend going to La Fortuna/Arenal because you can spend a few days there and do everything! The hot springs are beautiful and super fun and relaxing. My sister and I went rappelling down waterfalls which was an amazing experience and a ton of fun. I wish I had more time in town because there are still so many things I could have done and little shops and restaurants to visit.

Overall, it was a perfect way to end my trip. Not only by doing and seeing amazing things, but getting to share the experience with my sister as well! Now I am on my way home, which is definitely a bittersweet experience. Even though most of my friends are sad to leave, I am not. It is upsetting that my time abroad is over, but it I just a closing to a chapter in my life. I am very excited to be heading home, back to my own culture and family, because five months is a very long time. And, I know that one day I will be back.

Hasta luego, Costa Rica


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