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Part 2: October Greatness

The second half of October passed quickly. I know I say that with everything here, but I mean things really started to speed up! It was the combination of heavier school loads, more events, and simply the phenomenon of how time rushes by when you’re having fun. I left off from my last post talking about the relationships that really made my time in Sydney, but in the second part of the October seemed to be more about just experiencing these friendships that had been solidified.

One small thing I realised was the importance of having a good balance of Aussie friends and friends that you can be a tourist with. Its a small thing, but having someone to get caught in tourist traps with is essential to mix the true Aussie experience with the commercialized exaggerated features. I am being a little jokey, but I am sincere about the point. Mid-October a friend from Switzerland and I climbed the Harbor Bridge pilar and took in the magnificent views. This was super beautiful way to experience Australia, but often times the Australians aren’t super keen for these types of things after their 99th time seeing it. Though I should emphasize that the Australian friends I had were very welcoming and loved to show their favorite insider parts of Sydney. They help you see the “underground” culture of Sydney and Australia you would have missed otherwise. As mama always says, “everything is good in moderation”… my mom never actually said that, but you get the point.

Right before the end of October, we had our end of the year celebration for IFSA Butler! It was definitely quite early but they wanted to do it before finals period. It was at Darling Harbor on a floating restaurant that was pretty much a ship and gorgeous. The dinner was bittersweet for sure. It was crazy to think we were getting closer to the end and the picture slide show brought so many memories. It reminded you of how much had happened in such a short period. The dinner was delicious and our “IFSA mom’s” took amazing care of us. It was sweet to have these moments to realize how amazing this trip has been. We got our letters we wrote to ourselves at the beginning of the semester back, but I haven’t read it yet because I wanted to save it for right before I leave. It’s weird to think that time is close, so the dinner inspired me to make the best of all my time and relish the bonding moments.

A Lot of the bonding times would be simple outings like getting dinner together or midnight walks around the city, but there was plenty of festivities that accumulated at October ends.I had been warned that Halloween was not a thing here, but I couldn’t help myself getting so excited for the holiday season that I am use to back home. Its pretty much innate at this point! Though it was true that people were all pretty much zombies and not much other creative costumes, I was not disappointed. I spent halloween sleeping over a friends house whose family through a nice Halloween party. They went all out. Seriously. Every room of the house has halloween written all over it. Not literally, but figuratively. They put so much detail into decorating and organising, but I guess Halloween is just not a huge holiday being that most people were unsure of how to celebrate. Of course I dressed up however. I chose to be a shipwrecked pirate which was hard to do with such limited clothing with me in Australia. But in the end Halloween was great! We pretty much did a lot of the festive activities including carving pumpkins. Only thing I missed was the haunted houses and maybe a really good scary movie!

October ended with a bang and November flew in with more great adventures and an ending semester! But I’ll share about that in the next post!


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