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Savoring the final month in Melbourne- November

With November came a realization that my time was reduced to only 3 final weeks in Sydney! 3 weeks! 21 days! How had time gone so fast?? My internship with UnitingWorld and the connected class had come to an end freeing up a lot of time in the week, but the schoolwork escalated quickly. The month began with an intense focus on my work for Uni. Though the classes were ending , in these final weeks I had all my assignments and papers for the semester due. The first few days of November were spent with extreme focus on writing the papers.

However, no matter how bogged down with schoolwork I was, I still didn’t let it get in the way of my exploring Australia. On the 5th of November, I took a trip to Melbourne with a few friends. I had been wanting to make a trip to Melbourne the whole semester being that I was told that it was the type of  cultural artsy place that I would fall in love with. I was not disappointed. I absolutely adored Melbourne. We stayed in St. Kilda in a backpackers hostel that was small but homey. St. Kilda was a small beach town only 20 minute tram ride from the city. Riding the trams was quite the adventure in itself. We spent the first day exploring the city, but it was more like getting really lost  but just having a fun and carefree attitude about it. Eventually we made our way to Queen Victoria Markets where we met up with friends we had made while in Cairns. The rest of the d was spent exploring the various alleys and unique character of Melbourne. I discovered 3 things about the city: they take hipster to a new levels including tree  sweaters, their graffiti alleys are mesmerizing, and they take coffee seriously. Really seriously. That evening we saw street magic, hung out at a new age rooftop bar, and even tried something new by going to a jazz club. Somethings I feel like trips like these have taught me is the value in getting lost and the beauty of new experiences.

The next day we took an tour on the Great Ocean Words. The sites were beyond words and to grand for a camera to catch. Just jaw dropping. The tour began in Melbourne and took us along a ocean drive with many scenic stops at look outs, lighthouses, and beaches. Some of the most memorable moments were spotting koalas in the trees, making parrot friends, and the 12 apostles of course! The ride was quite relaxing and our guide quite the corky and knowledgeable character. The other people on the tour were very friendly and a few had great conversations. One friend I met was a guy named Brian from Los Angeles. He told me he would be making his way to Sydney on the day we were headed back, so we made plans for me to show him around. I found it really cool how we could meet people around the world and connect on the mutual love of travel. The key to making connections such as these would be to just spark conversations. You’ll be surprised with some of the amazing people you will meet.

The last full day in Melbourne began with a trip to the Melbourne Church of Christ which is once again connected to my international church also in Sydney. It was a really cool and fun experience to see worship services the same but infused with different cities cultures.  The campus ministry was extremely welcoming and we bonded over yummy pad thai after the service. I met back up with my friends for ice cream on the beach and later what I would consider the highlight of my trip. Penguins at sunset on the pier. Let me repeat that. Penguins. At sunset. On the pier. Beyond words mates! Ill let the pictures express. But the mixture of the beautiful sunset on the water, being so close to cute penguins, and bonding time with my friend came together for quite the unforgettable experience.

The last day in Melbourne was focused on completing a paper which was an experience mirrored throughout the rest of the week after my flight back to Sydney. I had to balance my time and focus on intense school work and  still managing to have fun adventures. In the end I managed to submit my final assignment in on the 13th of November. Phew! No more school!… but now only a week left in Sydney! :(((


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