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A Packing Extravaganza

In 5 days I will be getting on a plane and flying to London. Even as I type that sentence I can hardly believe it. Disbelief aside, there is a lot to do to get ready to get on that plane. The past couple of days have been full of list-making, cleaning, organizing, and packing. The nice thing about leaving after Christmas is that I got lots of nice gifts to bring with me on my trip. The down-side to leaving after Christmas is that I got lots of nice gifts to bring with me on my trip; it’s really hard to fit everything into one suitcase and a carry-on. Luckily my very sweet boyfriend volunteered to help. This is very much a necessity, especially if you’re someone like me who likes to plan for any and all situations and therefore likes to bring a lot of stuff. Though I will say that that stuff is not usually clothes. In fact after we finished packing my clothes my boyfriend mentioned how surprised he was that he didn’t have to tell me not to bring certain things. However I think he may have changed his mind after we packed my shoes etc.

Despite my choice of the word “extravaganza”, the packing actually went pretty smoothly and not particularly lavishly. Mostly extravaganza is just fun to say and tends to grab people’s attention (otherwise why would all those companies use it when they have sales?). I was surprised that I was able to condense my wardrobe into so few bags and that it took only a few hours. Granted, it helped that Andrew did all the folding and all I really had to do was pick things out to bring. The hardest part was choosing items that I could layer together and mix and match to make lots of different outfits. Hopefully I wont be disappointed once I arrive and start to wear the clothes I packed.

Now that the packing is done the next step is to prep all the documents I’ll need for the airport and getting into the country. I will be printing out all those emails and documents that I have received as well as making copies of my debit card and passport. Hopefully I wont need the copies, but it’s better to have them then not and need them later. Overall I’m really starting to get nervous, but I’m still really excited. It’ll be hard I’m sure, but I’m always up for a challenge. That’s what study abroad is all about, right? New challenges for a new me. I can’t wait!

Edit: This would have been posted closer to on time if my hard drive hadn’t crashed while I was trying to upload photos. What a NIGHTMARE. Luckily it worked out and I will have a laptop for London. Yay!


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