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I spent my birthday abroad and now the next holiday abroad, Thanksgiving!!! Although it was not the same as being home, it was an amazing experience. All the students of ifsa were invited to celebrate the holiday with the director Mario in his bed and breakfast in Colonia, Uruguay. We met at the buquebus station, a boat station that would take us to Uruguay. The boat ride was only about an hour long, in which I slept the whole way since we had to meet at 7 in the morning (all worth it!). Once we arrived we were taken in buses to the place where we would have Thanksgiving lunch, a beautiful lemon farm. It was a warm and inviting cozy house in the middle of fields of lemon trees, cute dogs running around, a beautiful pool, perfect for the warm weather, and within walking distance of the beach.

While waiting for the meal we were able to explore the space, go for a swim or just relax. We were provided home made lemonade and choripan for snacks. I was able to relax with my lemonade and talk amongst friends and some of the ifsa staff who also came along. And soon enough we were called to lunch!!

The meal consisted of course of turkey and stuffing along with salad, bread, hummus, mashed potatoes and gravy, warm blackberry sauce, black beans, torta, and a giant stand of a variety of fruits to choose from!

After our stomach were stuffed, I spent my time out by the pool napping and was happily awakened from this nap with the call for desert: an assortment of pies (and although I do not eat pie, I was told they were all delicious!).

After lots of time relaxing enjoying a Thanksgiving like never before we left to go to our next adventure….(to be continued…)


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