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Colonia, Uruguay part 2


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In the last blog I spoke about my amazing and relaxing Thanksgiving in Uruguay. A day full of sun, food and rest. But we did more that day later in the evening.

We explored the town, a quiet town near the water. We passed along some of the historic cobblestone roads, saw a dance group performing a folkloric dance, and met the neighborhood dogs, who don’t belong to anyone, but roam the streets barking down any car or motorcycle that goes past them. I did some gift shopping and then had dinner with some friends.

After I headed back to my hotel. My two hotel roommates and I got lucky and were able to stay in a private hotel suit, separated from the rest, that resembled a mini apartment, including a stove, fridge, sink, plates and silverware. We watched a movie and soon drifted to sleep.

It was a great first day of vacation in Uruguay. And the next few days we got to spend in another equally beautiful and tranquil part of Uruguay; Punta del Este.





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