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Punta del Este, Uruguay


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Punta del Este!!! A great vacation spot, right next to the beach. This is where we spent our last two nights in Uruguay for our Thanksgiving break. The hotel we stayed in was beautiful, with its pool, indoor jacuzzi and spa offers, we were fully relaxed. We had a very open schedule and were left free to explore the town on our own. With the beach within walking distance my friends and I spent both days relaxing under the sun. Unfortunately the wind was terribly strong, kicking the sand and giving us anĀ unappreciated exfoliation, regardless, it was a great time. And I was excited to brag to my friends back in the states about my vacation on the beach, while they spent their time back home in the cold.

For the two nights we were there we were taken to very beautifulĀ restaurants for dinner. The first night I enjoyed a tasty chicken and rice dish, and the second a pasta dish. The final day we were treated to lunch at a restaurant right on the water. It was a great close to my time here, which is almost up.

Although I did not interact much with the people of Uruguay, or fully get a sense of the non-tourist people, food and culture, it was a great experience.

I am now nearing the end of my study abroad experience, feeling bitter sweet. Ready to get home and see my family and friends, but also knowing that I will miss Buenos Aires and the friends I made here when I leave.


until next time #AriInArgi



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