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Home Sweet Home

Despite being home for nearly a month now, it still feels strange some mornings to wake up in my own bed and not have to walk up a huge hill to class just to grab a flat white after and hang out with Megan. However, coming home was a joy–after so much traveling to get here–to be able to see my loved ones. It almost feels like I was never away from home, except for of course the addition of experiences and stories to my repertoire.

It’s especially weird being at home while everyone else is still in school stressing about finals. It’s kind of nice though to be able to get used to being back in the states. A lot of my friends are still abroad in Europe actually, so I’m appreciative to have the time with my family preparing for the holidays. With the warm weather here in North Carolina, it’s hard enough to get into the Christmas spirit. Seeing some of my friends still on campus makes me particularly grateful for the opportunities I embraced this last semester. Although I love Wake, I would never trade the past four months for any number of days in Winston-Salem with some of my best friends. The two are literally worlds apart, and I’m so glad to be able to have lived both fully.

I almost feel a little bit lost coming back home with no classes, no job, and no plans in the South Pacific. I have classes registered for next semester, but that’s about it.  Right now, I’m trying to focus on transitioning back into life at Wake Forest, as well as enjoying my family and friends during the holidays. It’s bizarre how being in New Zealand was a monumental experience in my life, and now it’s already over and gone. Nonetheless, I have the memories of a lifetime, a greater perspective, and an increasing desire to continue enjoying the world around me–as well as encouraging my fellow students to do the same.


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