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No Place Like Sydney, But No Place Like Home

Well folks, I have been home for a few weeks now, and man oh man am I experiencing reverse culture shock. I think the first week and a half back flew by in a whirlwind. It almost felt surreal that just like that I was back on the other side of the world. Back to reality. The main culprit of this surreal feeling has been my extreme jetlag. After flying about 22 hours, my circadian rhythm is still confused and has a vendetta against me. Most of my nights have been spent wide awake trying to sleep and my days are a montage of failed attempts at staying awake. However, I can say that it is gradually getting better.

Coming home was so bittersweet. It has been amazing to come home reuniting with family and friends right around this time of Thanksgiving. My days have been filled with catching up with friends and family and giving my dogs extra love! However, on the other hand I can’t stop comparing everything at home with Sydney. When speaking with friends I feel like I have become that person whose every sentence begins with “When I was in Sydney…” or “That reminds me of Australia’s…” A lot of my friends seem to be quite interested in my experiences for now, so I can get away with this for a bit.

I think the toughest part of being home has been all the idle time. I’m not in classes, not working yet, and the organizations I volunteer for are on a break for the holidays. That leaves me with a lot of time on my hands and little to do. In addition, besides the fact that I’m usually up in the middle of the night while everyone else is asleep, I also came home while most of my friends are in the middle of finals period, so it takes a bit of effort to find times to hang out with my university friends. I know I should just enjoy the opportunity to relax, but I’m an extrovert! Being around people keeps me energized! I’ve kept myself busy with lots of little activities one of which is my Sydney memory wall.


It’s all a big transition that can mostly be held to a case of reverse culture shock. And I am a bit in the rut of the process, but I am finally beginning to acclimate myself to being back home. I can appreciate my friends, family, and the beautiful fall trees. I often find myself appreciating little things and quirks about my town I never noticed before. Oz was amazing, but of course there is no place like home.

So that’s all folks! Thanks for journeying with me through my Aussie adventures. I’ll leave you with my top 3 tips for studying abroad in Australia and a link to a video that sums up my time living down under.

Dalyla’s top 3 tips:

  1. Get to know people beyond those on the program with you!
  2. Really put an effort to try new things, go to new places, and learn new ways
  3. Trying vegemite is required.

Video Link: My Aussie Experience

Wish you all the best


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