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As the past semester came to a close the one thing that kept me sprinting through the finish line was the place in which I will be for my next semester, México here I come! After finishing up my major and minor, going through the laborious steps of applying for graduate school, preparing all forms necessary for study abroad, and all in one semester, I was ready for a break. I officially completed my last few courses at my home University and will be spending the last semester of my undergraduate education in the lovely city of Merida, México, only to return two days before I graduate. Talk about cutting it close, right? To say I’m elated would be an understatement.

We bought a large suitcase on cyber Monday, seeing as I did not own anything sizable to hold the necessities, and I have been slowly gathering what I will need over the course of the next four months. I am not experiencing any nerves, just sheer excitement for the impending adventure! I remember when my family “dropped me off” at college for the first time (I live only 20 minutes away from my University, so it wasn’t a huge distance from the family) but it was a liberating feeling I had never previously experienced. Before it was the day to move in my mom kept saying, “You can’t go. You’re just gonna have to stay here.” Sure enough, those comments have resurfaced, though with higher frequency than before, most likely due to the fact I’ll be in another country and not as accessible as 20 minutes down the road. I merely shrug it off and know that she loves me and deep down is supportive of my journey. I can’t wait to step off the plane and let the thick, warm air send my hair flying as I begin my adventure in the south of México.


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