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A Final Reflection

Although I have been back in the States for a week now, I just got home to North Carolina yesterday. After traveling the world, the country and dragging my gigantic suitcase up the stairs, it is a relief to be home. London was such a great place to live for the past three months, but I really did miss my family and friends so it is good to be back here for the warmest Christmas of my life (seriously it is almost 80 degrees today).

When I left for London, I had no expectations. Admittedly it was a city I never dreamed of visiting or adding to my bucket list. However, at the end of this experience I can honestly say I fell in love with the city and will miss it very much. I learned a lot of things about myself, and how I interact with the world, things I did not expect to learn that will without a doubt shape how I approach the rest of my life.

Last year at this time I was just beginning the process of applying to study abroad and finally attend the dance conservatoire that I wanted to since seventh grade. Now that I have been there though, I realize I learned much more from living in a city and being forced to find inspiration in the world around me rather than just my peers and teachers. London provided an abundance of inspirations that I will now look for wherever I live. As I return to my home university I am going to do my best to look beyond my own campus and go to the arts centers, coffee shops, historical sites, etc. nearby because those are the things I will value as a move forward with my personal and creative life.

Thank you all for following me along this journey and thank you to IFSA-Butler for providing a great group of people to support us students in London.


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