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Wrapping it up

I, of course, always knew this journey would come to an end. I tried, however, to ignore this reality and not really give it much thought. This worked fairly well, allowing me to spend my time not worrying about the end but rather truly enjoying the time that remained. When the end actually came, however, it hit hard. There’s nothing quite like ending a period in your life, a period in which you really can’t go back to. There’s always the knowledge that someday I will make it back to Chile, but it truly will never be the same. The people will be different, there would be no university, and I would be visiting the country instead of living in it. This realization was difficult to deal with, yet inevitable and just a fact of life. I am incredibly grateful for my experiences in Chile and all of the people I got to meet and spend an amount of time with that will forever be insufficient. I have many things to look forward to, and I hope I can integrate aspects of my experience abroad and what I learned in Chile into my daily life. Although I have left Chile, Chile hasn’t left me.


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