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Pre departure for London

Hello all and welcome to my blog. My name is Victoria, but I mostly go by Tori. I am currently a sophomore at Saint Martin’s University, which is about an hour south of Seattle in Washington State.

Going to England and studying abroad have been goals of mine and being able to combine the two has been greatly appreciated by my bank account. Ever since I was little I grew up reading books about the Tudor Family (Queen Elizabeth I, King Henry VIII, Bloody Mary, etc.) and now I finally get to see the places that I’ve been reading about my whole life. Movie premieres at Leicester Square in London, Harry Potter at Universal Studios, and Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace are also some of the things on my list to do that are pretty cool, I guess. I actually have a whole list of things to do while abroad that spans about 9 pages… No, I’m not excited and ready to take advantage of the next four months at all.

I will be in London from the beginning of January until the end of April. I am attending Birbeck, University of London (where Bear Grylls went to school!) with the Engage London program and will be sharing an off-campus apartment with other students in my program. I chose the Engage London program because it seemed to be a program that offered the most opportunities for study abroad students, including an Exploring Community and Culture class that seems like a great way to explore London. Further for my academics, I will also be taking Shakespeare in London, British Art and Architecture, and will be working in an internship at Collingham Child & Family Centre.

I’ve sent out dozens of e-mails with questions, filled out a ton of forms, and have had a lot of stepping up to the plate for myself these past couple of months in preparation. I even had to go to the Homeland Security office in Seattle at one point to get my fingerprints scanned for my Visa (which sounds intimidating, but honestly everyone there was very helpful and nice).

Wish me luck!


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