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Arrival and Edinburgh

So much has happened in the past… three days? I’ve lost track of time. I flew out on the 2nd, and I’ve just ended the 4th, but our exercises to beat jet lag have left me 1) time adjusted but 2) a little confused about how many days I’ve actually experienced.

The flights weren’t too bad, I flew from Dallas to Newark, and then from there to Edinburgh (pronounced ed-in-burrow). Everything was on time, I didn’t lose any baggage, security was quick and simple, my seats were all comfortable (I got an “economy plus” seat for free on the flight to Newark and a whole ROW to myself on the way to Edinburgh!) The food was good, I watched a movie, got about 2 hours of sleep, generally the traveling was pretty great! Which was good, because flying is… not my favorite.

I took the group flight (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) so we were picked up at Edinburgh airport by Andrew and Jenny, and then taken to the hotel to drop off our things. We then went on a tour around Edinburgh to ~see the sights~ which are amazing. Everything is so beautiful, which is a little funny because who would think that overcast skies and old, gray, stained buildings would be beautiful? Probably not most people, but let me tell you, they are. The city is especially beautiful at night. There’s something about rain slick streets and the way light reflects off them that just speaks to the soul.

Anyway, we walked around Edinburgh a lot, ate at a couple of different cute cafes, learned how to orient ourselves based on Edinburgh Castle, learned where to go to buy things that we’d need, just generally learned a lot.

Mind you, this all registers as one day in my head as there was no proper sleep.

Monday! Tours, more orientation and finally moving into my flat in Glasgow! Which I’ll write about… later

(If you click on the pics, they’ll be bigger)


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