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Daytrip to Amsterdam

So to quickly summarize all the drama with my UK Visa, I didn’t have my original passport back in time for me to leave the country. I had to go to Seattle and beg my way to a secondary passport so that I could leave the country on time and not be late for my program in London. The government took sympathy on me and I left the country on a secondary passport. My original passport showed up a few days later and my mom sent it to me in England, but in order for me to begin my internship legally with the UK Visa, I needed to leave the country and enter again on my original passport. So a spontaneous daytrip to Amsterdam (literally bought the tickets the night before we left) was planned and luckily my housemate Meg was willing to go with me! Amsterdam was only a 45 minute flight from London and we squeezed in quite a bit into a day. We took a hop-on-hop-off Canal City Sightseeing Tour throughout the city which had to be one of the best ways to get around. I thought that the city would have only one canal going through it, but it was really amazing how the canals ran thru the city almost like roads. The city was beautiful with all of its historical buildings. Everyone rode around on bikes! I had never seen so many bikes in my life. We also tried going to the Anne Frank House as well as the Van Gogh Museum, but they were both crazy busy.

We were able to make a visit to the Red Light District, which was… interesting. Prostitution and drugs are both legal in Amsterdam. I lost track of how many ‘cafes’ I passed that sold drugs legally. The Red Light District is an entire district where prostitution is rampant. We passed by blocks of women in windows trying to sell themselves off to those that passed by, which was definitely an eye-opener to say the very least. We also went to the Museum of Prostitution (because when else would we ever go?), which wasn’t scary like I thought it would be and I actually learned a lot about the lives of the women who worked in Amsterdam. It started getting dark out, which was probably a really good thing that we were leaving, since a guy DID ask us if we were looking for any loving.



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