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Brussels Weekend Trip

Early Saturday morning seven of us started the trek to Brussels! We were off to a good start when we almost missed our shuttle van to the airport. I literally had to sprint to the van as it was driving away and hit it to make it stop! Go me. Luckily it did stop, otherwise it would have been chaos of us trying to get to the airport. My first hostel experience was in Brussels, which probably set my expectations a little too high. We stayed at a European hostel chain called Meinenger that had its own private bar and the scene was mostly young, adult travelers like our own group was. First off we went to the city center, where the ‘main’ beautiful buildings were. From there, we walked around eating all sorts of food that were terrible for us, including: Belgian waffles with vanilla ice cream and frites (thick, really good fries) with the best mayonnaise I have ever had in my life. It was pretty cold! But we found warmth in a well-known pub called Delerius, which is about thirty stories and has hundreds on different kinds of beer on tap. We hung out there for about 3 hours! We got back to the hotel and 4 of us hung out in the hostel bar. There, we met a group of guys from Ireland who were visiting Brussels for the weekend just like us! Even though it was midnight, they convinced us to go back out. (No worries, we could have taken them easily if need be). We all went to an Irish bar where there was a dance club upstairs and karaoke downstairs. The place was fun enough to keep us busy for four hours. Early the next morning we met up with a tour group where we got to have a better explanation of some of the better parts in the city, and got to see the world famous statue of the little boy peeing called Le Mannekin Pis! Then another round of Belgian waffles and frites to call it good before we left to go back to London. Brussels was beautiful and while it wasn’t on my list of top places to go, I couldn’t be more grateful that I went. Brussels is a truly beautiful city. It was an eye opening experience to go to a country where English wasn’t one of the main languages, I had really never felt so at a loss. Luckily, enough people did speak English when we had to ask for help!


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