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In Exactly 2 Weeks

img_7277 Took this picture about 5 years ago when I last visited Sydney for a few days.

In exactly two weeks I will start my orientation at Sydney, Australia.

My name is Euna Ahn and I am a Junior studying abroad at University of Sydney. Currently, I am in Seoul, South Korea where it’s 3 degrees fahrenheit on a daily basis. This break has been the longest winter vacation I’ve ever had in this freezing weather. My friends back at Emory University have already started school last month and are currently suffering because of exams. They send me snapchats of the lecture halls, them pulling all-nighters, and desks piled with papers and empty coffee cups. I reassure their envy hearts that in a few months time that will soon be me, but with some additional snaps of the Sydney Opera House, koalas, the Bondi Beach, and etc. I can’t wait to explore all the famous attractions sites as well as the hidden gems of Sydney.

I hate packing, but I love traveling.

I’ve been questioning myself numerous times: How am I going to pack about 5 months worth of my necessities into 1 large suitcase, 1 small suitcase, and a backpack? In the corner of my room there is already a huge pile of things that I need to pack. Simply looking at that accumulation of stuff is already giving me a headache. I always feel like I’m packing light but I end up having to sit on my suitcase to zip it up. Thankfully, the pre-departure advising email IFSA-Butler sent out had a list of things that I should pack, so we’ll see how this turns out.

Other than that, I’ve been counting down the days till I get to meet everyone and start my semester at Sydney, Australia. I really don’t know what to expect, but I know I’ve made the right decision to study abroad. Without a doubt, I am ready to leave this freezing weather and start applying sunscreen!


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