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Departure & Arrival

Hi! So, this was meant to be a pre-departure post, but I’ve actually been in Scotland for a few weeks. This turned out to be my travel diary beginning around the end of finals and ending after I got here to Edinburgh.

As finals were ending in Connecticut, I packed up my dorm room and got ready to go. From college, my first stop was Providence Airport in Rhode Island, where I met up with my sister. From Providence, we flew to Newark Airport, and then got a connecting flight to Los Angeles and finally our last flight to Sydney. From arriving at Providence to landing in Sydney, I spent a total of 30 hours traveling, but it took two calendar days because we crossed the international date line.

We met up with our parents in Sydney, where we spent Christmas and New Years. While we were there, we visited my dad’s family. I hadn’t been back to Australia in four years, so it was great to see them! We also saw a show at the Sydney Opera House, went on some great hikes, and took a ferry across the harbor. We spent a day driving up the coast and saw some beautiful beaches on the way. I saw my first cricket match and also watched a lot of cricket on TV. I think I know at least a quarter of the rules now!

After a week and a half in Sydney, my parents and my sister headed back to the states while I began traveling to Edinburgh. First stop, Sydney Airport! From Sydney, I got a flight to Melbourne. My next flight took me from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Finally, I took a flight from there to Edinburgh, where I went through customs and immigration and then waited for hour until I found out that one of my bags wasn’t coming. Unfortunately, that bag didn’t reach me until three and a half weeks later, but I have it now! In Edinburgh, I met up with my aunt and spent some time with her before beginning orientation with IFSA-Butler.

Thanks for watching/reading, and I’ll see you next time!


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