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Today marks the 13th day that I’ve been in Costa Rica (including the night I arrived at the airport). I’m adjusting to my second and permanent host family and to Heredia, and classes don’t start until tomorrow. Now that I’m here and mostly settled in, I have tried to make sure I contact friends and family in the U.S. on a regular, but not too frequent basis. 

Aside from my first weekend here where I called home three days in a row (not everyone was available to talk at once) I’ve only texted my parents and my sister a few times or vice versa. The first time we Skyped (I did not have internet for a few days so it was not right away), our dogs were confused since they could hear me (an maybe see me) but I was not there. I miss all of the dogs, especially our new puppy, Vader, since he won’t be small the next time I see him. The same is true for my family, but if I were not studying abroad, I would still be away from them since I’d be at college, and I usually don’t come home until breaks. So currently, this doesn’t feel that different from a regular semester at Susquehanna, for me and them. 

The same is also true for friends at home, however, not for friends at college. One of my closest friends is also studying abroad, so I would not see her even if I were at Susquehanna, but it is a bit odd not seeing my other friends. I have texted a few of them to see how their semester is going, but not too frequently. I think that at this point, this still does not feel like it will last until June, so it has not sunk in for me that I probably won’t see a lot of them until August.  

Undoubtedly, the adjustment is hardest for my girlfriend. During the semester, we spend to most time with each other, so it’s difficult for both of us to not see each other, including over long breaks. While the adjustment is difficult for my parents too, they have grown accustomed to not seeing me for a few weeks at a time. This is different for both of us. We’ve talked frequently through texting, but I am going to try to restrict calling/Skyping to a maximum of once a week (I’m going to try to do the same with my family). Since I’m still dealing with a completely new environment, it is currently harder for her, but as I grow accustomed to my routine and classes here or confront new difficult challenges, I could see it becoming more difficult for me too. 

With all of that being said, I’m going to do my best to not focus on what I’m missing from the U.S. all of the time so I can focus on what I can experience here.


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