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the beginning

My program starts on the 13th!! That’s in 4 days. I have been in Thailand for the past week traveling around with a group called ThaIntro and have had an absolutely amazing time. But I am so excited to continue my travels to New Zealand. I had to pack REALLY light since I went to Thailand first. But to be honest I’m not that worried about it because i’ve managed to live with the little clothes I brought to Thailand. A lot of it is dirty but nothing really smells, and it’s normal to wear things over and over. At least in New Zealand i’ll have laundry. I have been in contact with my kiwi host and she seems really cool. I’m rooming with another girl and 2 boys in a flat. The one guy is also from the US and the other is from the UK. One of them reached out to me since he is also in Thailand. I’m looking forward to meeting them. Also looking forward to clean clothes and my own kitchen.


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