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2/15/16 Auckland, New Zealand Blog Post 1

Hello! My name is Emily, and in less than 24 hours I’ll be on my way to sunny New Zealand!

I am currently a junior at Providence College (RI) studying English and minoring in Studio Art (though I’ll likely be switching to an Art History minor). I live in Madison, CT, which is a small beach town on the Long Island Sound. Tomorrow I leave for Auckland, NZ where I will be studying at the University of Auckland.

I feel ready for tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to waking up at 4 am and driving 2 hours to Newark, but the plane rides shouldn’t be too bad. It’s about 6 hours to SanFran and then another 14 to NZ. Interestingly enough, the plane takes off from SFO at 5pm on Tuesday and arrives in Auckland at 6 am on THURSDAY! IFSA-Butler arranged a travel group that I’ll be flying with, so I am looking forward to meeting some of the other students that will be studying abroad in Auckland.

This blog will be dedicated strictly to my photography. I will primarily be using my Canon t3i DSLR camera. I have the traditional 18-55mm lens, along with a zoom lens and an attachable fisheye lens for this camera. I will also be using my GoPro quite frequently. I am not a fan of using my iphone5 to take pictures, but i’ll probably end up posting those pictures every now and then.

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