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Hasta la Vista

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How would I describe my life…2 words…loving and dysfunctional. Anyone who ever said my life was perfect, you are absolutely wrong! In fact, I spend most of my days today looking up the countless diseases in south america and listening to the song “dumb ways to die” thinking they could all happen to me when I study abroad. I got a shot today for yellow fever and I cried because I am still afraid of shots. But in my heart of hearts, I’m ready to go abroad.

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These pictures with my amazing friends are just pieces in my puzzle. But there is still something incomplete, a piece of the puzzle that I am still missing. I have to find that answer while I galavant across a new location, no matter how many scary things I might come across. The truth is, I have begun to take for granted the small things that I love in my life, and I no longer know how to order my priorities “friends, waffles and work”(Leslie Nope). I want to meet people who will bring me the confidence I always knew I had, but never had the guts to go after. 

img_1176-1 Of course, Some people who were absolutely necessary in my puzzle was my family. Ahh yes, my lovingly disfunctional family. They always took care of me and now I need to start learning how to defend myself. This way, maybe my dad will stop calling me just to tell me to look both sides before I cross the street. And maybe my mom will stop calling me everyday to make sure I ate a healthy lunch. Now, it’s time to call myself a strong independent person( or atleast start).

 So here we go… Buenos Noches USA &… Buenos Dias Buenos Aires


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