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White Cliffs of Dover

This past weekend I went on a trip by myself to Dover in southwest England! I just really wanted to go somewhere by myself for some reason, to figure everything out all by myself, and luckily everything went really well for the most part.

After class on Friday I took a train from London all the way to Dover that took only about two hours. When I got there, I saw Dover Castle on the mountainside and decided to climb up to it. It was a little too expensive for me to get in, so I just decided to walk to the beach instead. From the beach I saw the White Cliffs and then walked to the Cliffs and hiked around for about an hour. The Cliffs were beautiful! All I really wanted to see on this trip was the countryside and the Cliffs gave that to me; I was also able to see straight across the English Channel to France, which was insanely cool. When it started getting dark I worked my way back to checking into my hostel for the weekend. The room I had was called ‘The Six Beds of King Henry VIII’ and everyone I shared the room with was really nice!

On Saturday I rented a bike and got directions from the owner on how to get to Deal. The ride was beautiful, the weather was beautiful. Nothing but countryside and spectacular views! I was almost to Deal when BOOM. Flat tire. I walked the bike to a local car shop and they tried to help me pump up the tire, but the tire had a hole in it. So, I started the eight mile trek back to Dover. It only took me about two hours! But the rolling hills, pushing a bike, and rain did put a damper on things. When I got back to the bike rental place I explained the situation to the owner who was really nice about it and didn’t make me pay for a new tire, even though I offered! It was probably because I looked miserable from the rain in all honestly. Had dinner in town and spent a relaxed evening reading, which I felt I deserved.

Sunday morning I went on one last walk to the beach, had my first traditional English breakfast, and hopped on the train back to London!

All in all, even with the bike mishap, it was a great weekend. I didn’t even realize how much I needed a break from big city life of London! I wasn’t constantly in a crowd of people walking quickly to get anywhere in particular, the city was small enough to where I didn’t need to GPS my way around, and I was actually able to take in a full breath of air without having to worry about breathing in the smoke from someone’s cigarette. . London is fantastic, don’t get me wrong. But, I do miss my home in the Northwest, as well as all the outdoorsy activities it offers. Luckily, Dover offered me some of the hiking I’ve been missing out on!


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