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I’m here!

I’ve been here for over a week now and its been so much fun! It’s beautiful here for a start and then I love my flatmates. First, I had orientation in Auckland for a few days where I spent a lot of time with the IFSA Butler group doing activities such as kayaking, sailing and scavenger hunts. It was a lot of fun. They also took us to places to learn more about the Maori culture which was fascinating. Now I’m in Dunedin and I’ve just been spending the majority of my days hanging with the people in my complex. Our complex is filled with other international students from the US, and some from the UK and then the kiwi hosts. Lots of different accents and everyone is really cool. A lot of people from the Boston area, one is from Arizona, then a few from England, one from Chile and one from Sweden. There are other places but I don’t remember them all. Our complex has a big quad in the middle where we all sit and chill all day long. We are also close to the Botanical Gardens which is a really nice place to go and relax. I walk through there to get to the grocery store as well, it’s very pretty. I haven’t done much exploring yet which I really need to do soon. I want to get to the beaches before it starts to get too cold. This week has been O’Week which is just a bunch of activities that the school has organized. The other day was sports day and I signed myself up for soccer and a couple of friends from my complex joined me. It was a lot of fun. There were other sports we could play as well; touch rugby, netball and volleyball. Netball is very similar to basketball except you can’t dribble or move with the ball and there’s no backboard. It was interesting to watch. We had an official orientation yesterday where they introduced all the international students to the international staff members and then there were club stands in one of the main areas of campus where we could sign up. I signed up for a lot. the tramping club (camping), kiteboarding, soccer, basketball, surfing and skiing. Hopefully I can manage to do it all. There are try outs for the soccer and basketball club so I’m a little nervous about that. I have to go buy myself a pair of cleats and shinguards since I didn’t bring mine with me. Anyway loving it here so far, looking forward to doing some more exploring with my flatmates, and looking forward to classes. They start on Monday.


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