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Northbound and Brown: A True Hofstra Story

It was December 9. A musty odor lingered in the air as I pecked away gingerly at my keyboard. I could hear the distant sound of tapping… tapping… tapping; it was my roommate, of course, working on essays and studying for finals. Finals were to begin on Monday and we were using our Thursday/Friday study days wisely, for once. 2am hit, still working. 2:30… 2:31. The night lulled along in slow motion, ignorant of our wish for this semester to be over. 2:52… 2:53… ugh, if only something could come rapping on our door, something to violate the treachery of work. 2:56… 2:57… then laughing. Laughing? It’s 3am… who is awake– more importantly, who dare laugh whilst we wither away wearily working. Lumby? No, no, he tires too easily to be up at such hours. Ian? No, he’s an RA. He wouldn’t dare shirk his duties by making noise during 24-hour quiet hours. Some other, maybe? Some Outsider? How dare an Outsider enter our hallway! Pat and I acknowledged the noise but decided to let it be. 2:58… 2:59… more laughing. The thought was building now, the thought of Foreigners, Outlanders, Aliens inhabiting and terrorizing Our Hallowed Hall. Like the Grinch’s heart, which has grown three sizes larger, so too does my outrage. I stand; the inception of the Interlopers I could no longer ingest and their ignorance I could no longer ignore. I wrenched the door open and, lo, it is Colin… Matt O… Josh. And the rest, as they say, is history.

[As a note, because this video was recorded with multiple different cameras, it was utter misery to attempt to compile. Audio/video synchronization constantly messed up, sound pitches varied, quality dropped; it was a miserable time. So, I am finally giving up. This is as edited as it will ever be, so please find it in your heart to forgive everything that is wrong with it. Also, sorry to all of my friends who’ve been waiting since the middle of December for this. My bad!]


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  1. Emma Watson Says:

    Wow I can’t believe I missed this!

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