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Go Big or Go Home

Not that going home is really an option at this point. This London trip certainly feels like I’m trying to fulfill that cliché. It is a trip of many daunting firsts. The first time I have left the US. The first time I have flown. The first time I have lived in a city. All of these things really hit me this morning after getting off the plane in London. I was exhausted. I tried to sleep on the plane, but that was pretty much impossible due to how uncomfortable I was combined with the novelty of flying. As a result, getting off the plane was pretty stressful. Nothing really went wrong. I made it through immigration pretty easily, found my checked suitcase, and found the Butler team without any issues. But the tiredness I felt combined with the fact that I couldn’t get my phone card to work left me feeling pretty frustrated. This was only compounded by my decision to go buy my mobile. I had no idea what I was doing and ended up just purchasing whatever phone the guy offered me. I only spent around 20 pounds including the top-up but I felt rushed and probably could have gotten a plan better suited to my needs if I hadn’t been so tired and in a hurry to call my parents. Oh well. After my nap I felt much better and I am pretty satisfied with my purchase after all.

Butler took us all out for dinner tonight at a place called Porter’s English Restaurant. They served us mashed potatoes and a chicken and mushroom pie. It was pretty good, though I may have been the only person at my table to finish the whole thing. For dessert they had Spotted Dick which despite its name was pretty tasty.  After dinner I came back to the hotel to see if I could do some reading and maybe find some free wireless. Unfortunately the wireless was a fail and it seems like I’ll have to either go out and find some somewhere or just wait until I move in on Wednesday to check my email (and post this blog).

Well that’s it for now. I am still very tired and missing my family and boyfriend a lot. However I’m really excited to move into my dorm in two days and to start classes next week (I think). Orientation starts bright and early tomorrow at 9am (That’s 4am back home!) so I’m definitely taking it easy and probably going to try and get to bed early.


(Written January 3rd, Posted the 5th)


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