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Blog Post 3: 3/10/16

The last week has been crazy busy for me! My favorite part of it was the AUTC (Auckland University Tramping Club) Orientation Weekend camping trip. We bused to the Waitakere Ranges and started our tramp (hike) around 11:00. I went with the intermediate level group and we tramped a total of 9 miles that day. Once we made it to the hut (AUTC built their own hut 69 years ago), we set down our bags and pitched our tents. While some people stayed to cook the chili dinner, others went out in search of waterfalls. I went with the latter, and we tramped and did a bit of trailblazing until we found one. It was absolutely beautiful. The falls were so pure and secluded, and the water was deep enough that you could jump off the rocks. The water was ice cold, but felt so rewarding after a long day of tramping. When we returned to the hut, we had dinner and started drinking. I had such a great time. We played fun games like the telephone book game (in this game 2 people have to balance on 3 piled up phone books. Both people have to touch the ground with their hand without falling. Every time they are successful at doing so, another book is added to the pile) and sock wrestling (two people fight to pull a sock off of each other’s foot, first person to get the other persons sock wins [I can proudly report that I won my sock wrestling match]). The next morning, we packed up and tramped 11 miles to Piha Beach. Along the way, my group stopped at different rivers, streams, cliff walks and the beautiful KiteKite Falls. At Piha beach I had the BEST fish and chips (though it would have been better with ketchup, I refuse to pay an extra $2). Since my group hiked farther than the others, we got to the beach late and only had 20 minutes to either swim or climb Lion Rock. I definitely will have to go back sometime soon to climb Lion Rock, but the water was awesome. Piha is a surf beach so the waves are pretty big. It was so great to be able to swim after such a long day of tramping.


This coming Saturday IFSA is taking us surfing! I am SO excited for our lesson that I’m not even that upset with the fact that I’ll have to get up at 7am on a Saturday morning.


That’s it for now, Kia Ora! Oh, and remember, I have longer blog posts on this site:


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