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I’ve done a good amount of traveling so far, which I’m happy about. All of my flat mates have cars so it makes my life easier. We have gone to Tunnel Beach, St.Kilda’s beach, Sandfly beach, Long beach and St.Claire’s beach. All of them are so pretty. Tunnel beach is less beach and more rocks and it’s amazing. The rest are all similar except Long beach has caves which we camped out in last night. It was a bit cold but still a lot of fun. We all sat around a fire and cooked food. We also drove down to Lake Wanaka last weekend and did Roys Peak hike which was pretty difficult. It was an incline for 3hrs but the views were beautiful. The walk down hurt my knees a lot but still worth it. We then stopped at a restaurant and had some food because we were all tired and hungry from the walk. We also went to a rugby game, Highlanders vs Hurricanes. We cheering for the Highlanders and painted our faces. It was a lot of fun. Some of my friends are going to Fiorlands this weekend but I have a day trip with my IFSA Butler program on sunday. We are going on a bike trail which should be good.


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