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Tartan or Argyll?

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Last weekend, the IFSA-Butler advisors led us on a trip to the magical world of the Argyll Forest, located on the western side of Scotland.  While there, we had to opportunity to participate in all kinds of adventure activities including hiking, kayaking, high ropes climbing, gorge scrambling, mountain biking, and more!

Gorge scrambling was unlike anything I’ve ever done before.  It’s a bit difficult to explain, but imagine a babbling creek set at a fairly steep angle, with rushing waterfalls, high sides made up of rock covered in trees and shrubbery, and many fallen trees across the path.  Now, imagine climbing up that, with nothing but your own strength.  The constant fear of slipping and sliding down the gorge was exhilarating, even as we climbed under a small cave and through a hole with water rushing through it.  We scaled rocks, climbed over giant branches, and tight-rope walked across a small pond.  We even made a human dam and when it broke, let the water carry us downstream like a giant freezing cold slide.  Scrambling up the gorge was certainly a scary and adventurous task that I will never forget.


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